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The Comité Picabia was founded in 1990 by Olga Picabia. Its vocation is to safeguard the work of Francis Picabia through archive conservation and authentification of artworks in view of publishing his catalogue raisonné.

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Francis Picabia research

The Comité Picabia  would be grateful to receive information, photographs and documentation from all owners of works by Francis Picabia.

Comité Picabia meeting

We would like to inform you that our next meeting is scheduled for

March 7, 2024

If you wish to submit works, please send an image and description using our contact form.

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Though this be madness,

yet there is method in't

-Shakespeare, Hamlet (ActeII, Scène II)


The catalogue raisonné is planned in four volumes, organized chronologically and covering all artistic mediums.

The chronology of the different volumes is as follows: volume I (1898-1914); volume II (1915-1927); volume III (1927-1939) and volume IV (1940-1953).

These volumes are published individually, each featuring a representative sample of Picabia's works on paper.

The majority of drawings and prints, as well as paintings accepted for the catalogue after the publication of the initial four volumes, will appear in an additional volume.

Although we have endeavored to make this catalogue as complete as possible, it will not include all of Picabia's work. Some works have been lost, destroyed, or reworked by the artist. Others belong to collections unknown to us, still others are known to us, but require additional research or direct examination before any decision relating to their inclusion in the catalogue raisonné


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The Comité Picabia
is pleased to announce the release of the Catalog Raisonné Volume IV



In Léonce Rosenberg's apartment. De Chirico, Ernst, Léger, Picabia...


Musée Picasso-Paris


From 30-01 to 19-05 2024

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Catalogue Raisonné Volume III

The Comité Picabia
is pleased to announce the release of the Catalog Raisonné Volume III

Catalogue Raisonné

Volumes already published:

Volume I 1898-1914


Volume II 1915-1927


William A. Camfield, Beverley Calté, Candace Clements,

Arnauld Pierre, Pierre Calté


William A. Camfield, Beverley Calté, Candace Clements, Arnauld Pierre, Aurélie Verdier, Pierre Calté


Album Picabia

L'album d'Olga Picabia

This is not a family album. Nor a catalogue raisonné. It is, above all, an album dé-raisonné, the collage of a life discreetly annotated by its author. It is the reproduction of Olga Mohler Picabia’s world, based on her mentor and great love, Francis Picabia. A variation on the theme of Pygmalion, it offers an intimate and sensitive intaglio portrait of the artist, sometimes surprising and often deeply moving, as seen through Olga’s eyes.


Pierre Calte

In memory of Pierre Calté (1946 - 2016) President of the Comité Picabia from 2002 to 2016

For anyone with works by the artist, please kindly provide photographs and documents.

The Picabia Committee

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For all copyright and reproduction information for Picabia's works.

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